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When comparing local roofing companies, MRN Contracting stands above them all. Our attention to detail and superior customer service has been proven throughout the years. Most local roofing contractors are only in business a few short years but proclaim they offer “lifetime warranties”. Our company has installed thousands of roofs and we have over 100 years of combined claim handling and construction experience on our staff giving us a huge advantage in the industry. We only use top shingle manufacturer’s products including Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF. All of our work is backed by a truly solid 5 year Labor Warranty and minimum 30 year Product Warranty leaving you with peace of mind. Our professional and expert roofers will work hard to assist you in all of your roof repair and roof replacement needs. As roofing contractors in Loganville, we provide top quality workmanship, along with the highest quality roofing materials and years of experience to our customers.

Best Roofing Contractor

As the superior roofing contractor in Loganville GA, we set ourselves apart from other contractors by being reliable, providing top quality, and being affordable. We handle roof replacement, roof repair, re roofing, and gutter replacements. We have been called the “Best Roofing Contractor ever” by many of our highly satisfied customers! We like to refer to ourselves as the roof doctor because there is not a roofing issue that we cannot fix. When it comes to selecting a roofing company, we understand it’s a big deal. Your roof is the main part of your home and protects everything else in it. When comparing roofing companies, look at the quality of the service they provide and their reputation. When a company gives you a warranty, you want to know they are going to be there if you should need a repair. Being in the industry as long as we have, we understand that roofing is construction, and from time to time, you may do top quality work but issues may still arise. If 2 years after your roof is installed you need a roof leak repair due to an unforeseen circumstance, you want to know that the company you hired to complete your roof is going to still be in business and will respond to your service call immediately. We rarely have a leak issue after we install a roof, very rarely actually, but were not going to act like it never happens.

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Read this review from one of our customers that had a leak issue a few years after we installed his roof.

“MRN installed my roof a few years ago and the other day we had a heavy rain and I noticed some leaking on my living room ceiling. I called my technician from when my roof was installed on a Sunday afternoon expecting I wouldn’t hear back from him after I heard some horror stories from neighbors that had used another company. John called me back within 15 minutes and set up a time to come out first thing Monday morning. John arrived with another gentleman and immediately got on my roof to inspect it to find out where the leak was coming from. After about 15 minutes they came down and said they couldn’t find anywhere that a leak could be coming in. They asked if they could get in the attic to better determine where the water could be coming from. As soon as they got in the attic, they found the problem. It wasn’t the roof. My air conditioner that is in my attic had overflowed the drain pan and was saturating the attic. John turned my unit off and gave me the number to a highly reputable AC Repair tech that was able to come out that afternoon and get us fixed up. I am so glad that I trusted MRN to do my roof, I know if I ever have an issue, they will be there to fix it!”

What types of damages can occur to my roof?

Homes can sustain damage in various ways. The most common damage homes and roofs sustain include hail damage, wind damage, ​water damage, & old age. Our experienced roofing technicians know how to find any and all damage during a thorough roof inspection. Our staff can set a free roof inspection for you at no cost with no obligation at your convenience. Let our roofing experts assist you in getting a new roof for your home.

Hail Damage

Occasionally, hail damage falls in the sizes of quarters and golf balls. With hail of that size, it can leave an indention and divots in the asphalt shingles. The damage may not look harmful when it first happens, but overtime it can and will cause further damage. The divots that hail leaves is actually the break up of the crushed rock granules. The granules purpose is not to only provide a good look to the roof of your home, but it's main purpose is serving as a layer of protection for the asphalt shingles from the suns UV rays. Overtime, with wind and, rain, snow, and various other weather it will wash away the granules and completely expose the asphalt shingles. Once the shingles are exposed the suns powerful UV rays beam down on the asphalt causing it to dry up and crack, thus allowing water to leak through the roof and can cause interior damage to your home.

Wind Damage

Wind is another typical cause for damage to the roof of your home. High winds can cause serious destruction. The direction of the wind can blow at an angle that will allow it to get underneath the layers of the shingles causing the shingles to tear and sometimes be completely removed from the roof. When that happens, it leaves the roof deck and the underlayment exposed to other weather elements. If the wind does not cause the shingles to be completely torn off, it can cause the shingles to be lifted and curled up. When this happens the bonds that keeps them together is broken apart and can also leave the roof exposed to harsh weather elements that will cause more damage; such as wind-driven rain. Let us come out and inspect your roof for free. If we find wind damage we can then assist you in having it repaired or replaced and file an insurance claim.

Water Damage

On of the byproducts of roof damage is water damage that begins to occur inside your home. Once the shingles on your roof have been damage, exposing an opening for water to get inside, you will begin to notice slight discoloration on your decking in your attic. Eventually, that water will begin to trickle down and you will begin noticing light stains on your sheetrock ceiling or walls. Once that happens, its only a short time before major damage is done. At the first signs of water damage, you need to act fast to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home. Has your home sustained water damage due to a roof leak? You're in need of a roof repair and interior work. We can help! ven rain. Let us come out and inspect your roof for free. If we find wind damage we can then assist you in having it repaired or replaced and file an insurance claim.

Old Age

Has your roof been on your home for 15 to 25 years? Experts say that's the typical "life span". After about 15-20 years, granules begin wearing off your roof shingle and begin exposing the asphalt layer below. This may not be caused by storm damage, it may just be the culmination of time and weather that have aged your roof. Once your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, it is time to replace it. This is not something you want to put off, because just as we mentioned earlier, with age comes opportunity for water to get into your home and begin causing extensive damage that can get very expensive very quickly. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate for replacing your roof.

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Thank you so much for the excellent job you did in explaining things to me today. I told my son you would also e-mail him the materials you will be sending me. He appreciates that tremendously. (I think he was surprised that I knew all about the brittle test, ridge vents, 3 tab shingles, etc. Thanks! Not only does your company make roofs look better, you also make some of us appear more knowledgeable, too! That is a plus!!!).
-Ms. Melvin"

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